• Pequot Lakes amends sign code

    The Brainerd Dispatch reports that the Pequot Lakes, Minnesota planning commission and city council have approved an ordinance to the zoning code to permit signs along the new highway 371.  You can read the proposed amendment here.  The code includes the following:

    • The approval of offsite digital and static billboards only within an Offsite Sign Overlay District along Highway 371.  The previous code prohibited all new offsite signs except residential and commercial directory signs.
    • A 400 square foot limit on each sign face.
    • A height limit of 30 feet above road grade.
    • A 2,000 foot setback between signs which will permit 5 along the 371 corridor.

    Insider’s take:   Pequot Lakes decides to permit billboards along a new highway to encourage people to stop and visit the local businesses.  Billboards help the local community.  The 400 square foot restriction on sign faces will limit the effectiveness of the messages, however, because the billboards will be 40% smaller than a typical 14′ by 48′ billboard.

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