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    (Montclair, New Jersey) What if you could put your brand at eye level and meet your customer in exciting and impactful ways. Would you do it?  For brands looking for a way to make eye to eye contact with their customers and make a big impression, Storefront Advertising may be just the right buy. While some view vacant storefronts as the face of declining brick and mortar retail, at Pearl we see things differently. We envision a physical space that we can convert into a unique Out-of-Home canvas, where brands can surprise and delight passersby while hosting engaging hyper-local and unexpected experiences with customers in high traffic areas.

    According to Pearl Media Chief Revenue Officer Anthony Petrillo, storefronts are the largest street level Out-of-Home that a brand can buy. “Storefront campaigns are capable of touching the audience, literally,” said Petrillo. “The format stands out amongst the clutter and over the years we’ve built interactive and experiential campaigns utilizing storefronts that create an even deeper and measurable brand connection,” he added.

    So far this year HBO Max, Shopify and Postmates have taken advantage of this media to engage with their customers and push their messaging.  HBO used the space to promote its new streaming service along Hollywood Blvd.  In Boston and Philadelphia Shopify used space to show its support for small business while Postmates used space in Los Angeles to remind consumers to Postmate their favorite meal.  In each case the storefront provides a seamless eye-level canvas for the creative to pop and catch the eye of people walking by.

    As the unquestioned leader in vacant storefront advertising, Pearl has an active inventory of more than 350 locations in more than ten (10) markets across the country, including top DMA’s such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Philadelphia and others. “We typically stick to high trafficked downtown areas and major thoroughfares,” says EVP for Real Estate & Acquisitions Brian Cohen, but adds Pearl can accommodate almost any request. “Brands sometimes are specific and ask for certain streets, boundaries or neighborhoods and we go ahead and find the right storefront for them wherever they want it,” he added. Landlords generate temporary revenue for their vacant space while brands get a new venue to reach their audience.

    Pearl executed dozens of campaigns across 14 markets last year helping brands engage with customers along the path to purchase. We worked with Verizon’s Visible brand to convert retail stores around the country into giant 404 error messages to remind customers that physical stores weren’t required for their mobile need. The campaign used 15 locations across nine markets and generated an estimated 9 million impressions. Nickelodeon took to the streets using storefront space in the Brooklyn and Manhattan to celebrate Sponge Bob’s 20th Birthday.  For its Shop Small Business campaign American Express used storefront space across 17 locations in three markets — New York City, Los Angeles and Portland, Oregon – to urge cardholders to shop small, generating an estimated 10.4 million impressions.  Hemp Fusion promoted its CBD products on storefronts in Tampa, Austin and West Palm Beach. And that’s just a sample.

    Seems simple, just put up some creative in a window, right?  But the process is anything but, and according to Chief Operating Officer Jen Lee Almeida it all starts with a solid site survey. “We then make a template that is easy for the client to use to design a custom creative that really aligns with the natural architecture and uniqueness of each property.  They can drop their art in and see exactly how it will read.” But even then, there are issues to contend with like weather and property conditions. “We have tried and tested various materials to ensure we’re using the right product that will go on easily, do its job and look great, and then come off just as easily so we don’t do any damage to the property,” added Almeida.

    In 2017 Viceland asked Pearl to fill two storefronts with marijuana for a “Weed Week” related promotion.  We filled up two storefronts, one in NYC and one in LA, with 65 cubic feet of fake cannabis.  It definitely caught the attention of people walking by. Nearly 500 photos of the installation were uploaded to social media generating close to 3.5 million impressions.

    If you’re looking to differentiate yourself from the competition with a unique format contact Pearl Media Chief Revenue Officer Anthony Petrillo at apetrillo@pearlmedia.com

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