• Paul Wright Comments on NC Governor’s Veto

    Insider noticed SignValue Paul Wrights’ commented on Governor Roy Cooper’s veto of House Bill 645.  Here is what Paul had to say.

    “Told ya so! We hate to say it, but the Governor of North Carolina (Roy Cooper) probably did the right thing when he vetoed the bill to relocate signs in the DOT’s Right of Way. The bill was too broad and relied on forcing Cities and Counties to accept relocations for the State’s benefit.  While that would be great for the State and for billboard companies (including many of our clients by the way), it didn’t make a lot of sense and would have been almost impossible to enforce. The bill had the right idea… let’s relocate signs if possible, practical and legal. Maybe a slimmed down version of the bill could be reintroduced again in the near future.”

    You can reach Paul at info@signvalue.com or (480) 657-8400.

    What are your thoughts on the North Carolina legislation.  Let us know by listing your comment below.

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