• Patent Trial and Appeal Board denies T-Rex patent review.

    Law 360 reports that the Patent Trial and Appeal Board decided on April 11, 2017 not to review  T-Rex US patent 7,382,334.  Last year Broadsign filed a lawsuit in New York seeking an order that it did not infringe of three T-Rex patents.  Broadsign separately filed three petitions before the Patent Trial and Appeals Court challenging the patents.  The Patent Trial and Appeal Board has denied two of the three petitions.  A final petition remains pending.  The Broadsign New York court case remains active.

    Insider’s take:  Here’s hoping Broadsign prevails in New York Courts.  T-Rex started litigating against clients of digital billboard manufacturers and then expanded to anyone who uses a computer to c0ntrol a digital screen (movie theaters, digital on-premises providers, mall network providers and providers of location based video).

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