Pacific Outdoor Billboard Reunites Brothers

By Ann Hall, Sales Manager, Pacific Outdoor Advertising

At Pacific Outdoor Advertising, we believe in the power of out-of-home media. We have experienced many happy customers and successful advertising campaigns. We follow the latest research and utilize data regarding impressions and customer engagement. All of this is valuable, but the true power of our medium was brought home very clearly and personally this week.

Two weeks ago, we heard from a man named Thomas Brosamle, who was searching for his brother, Christopher. Thomas believed his brother to be in the Portland area and knew his approximate location, so we recommended that he utilize our Digital Bulletin located on McLoughlin Blvd in an effort to find him.

On December 7th we posted a simple message telling Christopher that Thomas was looking for him and asking him to “call his brother in Idaho”. Subsequently, a nurse and a security officer from Legacy Emanuel Hospital, saw the digital ad. They recognized the last name, since Chris happened to be in the hospital, and made the connection.

We were contacted by Thomas on December 14th, confirming that he had, in fact, found his brother. He was crying with joy when he let us know that they had made travel arrangements and that he hoped to be reunited with his brother soon. Our team was thrilled to hear Chris had been found! We quickly changed the digital billboard copy to say “thank you” to the Legacy Emanuel Hospital employees that had helped. This story touched each of us deeply and reminded us of the true power and impact of our unique medium – Even more proof that Outdoor Advertising really works!

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