• Overcoming Zoning Restrictions With SITELINE™

    By Cheng Qian, Chief Product Architect

    You probably have a great digital location opportunity that checks off all the boxes:

    • Great potential lease deal
    • Great impressions count
    • Great approach and read
    • Great fit with regulatory and permitting requirements

     Except it’s too close to a light-sensitive area…

    SITELINE, by Media Resources, is a patent pending custom LED display system that constrains digital billboard light emissions.  Its ability to block light from being seen in light sensitive areas has enabled billboard operators throughout North America to receive zoning variances for numerous sought-after locations.

    The SITELINEprocess begins with a sites geolocation and site conditions.  Media Resources software driven analysis then determines whether the SITELINEsystem can be used to block light consistent with site requirements.

    If a site is a candidate, Media Resources optical engineers are available to do technical write ups to support the permit application, all the way through doing on-site demonstrations.  After approval, Media Resources will develop a customized module and structure to meet site specific conditions.

    The case below shows a location where digital billboards had been zoned out due to light trespass concerns.  After hearing of previous SITELINE successes, the billboard company contacted Media Resources to find out if SITELINE would be able to help them obtain the necessary variance.


    In this case, the SITELINE process verified the location met all criteria.  Next, Media Resources developed the necessary reports for the billboard company to use in their application process.  In the final step, Media Resources Optical Engineers testified before the zoning commission as part of the billboard company’s team.

    Thanks to a team effort and SITELINEproven ability to block light from trespass areas, the zoning variance was approved, and a high revenue digital billboard is now in place.


    In the case below, the static billboard location was marked for a digital retrofit.  The permit was rejected though as the residential units to the north would be affected by light trespass.



    Familiar with Media Resources out of the box thinking, the billboard company asked if SITELINE might be a solution.  After successfully going through the SITELINE process the location was profitably retrofitted to digital.

    As the photos below show, the target traffic sees a normal digital billboard image, but the residential area sees virtually no light (sub 1%).  Years later no complaints have been raised.


    Do you have a location where SITELINE™ may be a solution?  Call us to start a discussion.

    Media Resources – 1-800-667.4554 – www.mediaresources.com



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