• OUTFRONT and American Royal ribs billboard drips sauce.

    OUTFRONT Media and The American Royal, the largest BBQ competition in the world, have deployed a billboard featuring giant inflatable ribs dripping sauce onto a car sitting below the advertisement – a truly mouth-watering and eye-catching sight for passerbys!

    The billboard prop, which is 50 feet wide by 8 feet tall by 2 feet wide and promotes the iconic Kansas City competition taking place August 31 – September 3, was unveiled this morning and will remain up until August 20.

    Organizations like American Royal are working with OUTFRONT Media to revamp the traditional billboard and leveraging these 3D props to garner even more attention.  Insider asked OUTFRONT’s Kansas City Marketing Coordinator & Office Manager Rachel Soca and Account Executive Melissa Johnson-Stewart about the campaign.

    Rachel and Melissa, who made the inflatable ribs? 

    Walz Tetrick is responsible for the creative concept. They worked directly with OUTFRONT Media on the execution of the billboard who then enlisted Soft Signs to manufacture the inflatable ribs.

    Were there any installation challenges? 

    Thankfully, there were no major installation challenges. In fact, Soft Signs carefully constructed the ribs so they would be ready to install seamlessly. Other than a couple of raindrops everything went as smoothly as expected.

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