• Out of Home a Bargain

    Out of home is cheaper than other media.  Look at this chart which PJ Solomon calculates ad CPM’s (cost per thousand ad impressions) for different media.  Only mobile display or online display are cheaper than out of home.  TV, Newspapers, Magazines, Podcasts, Video are more expensive.  Radio costs about as much as out of home.

    Source:  PJ Solomon Media Monthly, July 2019

    Out of home bulletins have an average CPM of $2-7.  Digital Placed Based and Airport screens have a much higher CPM of $9-32.  Insider surmises this is due to better targeting (place based advertising in a shopping mall is a great way to target consumers prior to purchase) and to demographics (airport users are wealthier than average consumers).

    Insider’s take:  Good and bad news here.  A cheap CPM means out of home is a great value for clients.   It also suggests we aren’t asking enough money for our inventory.  Insider expects out of home’s CPM to increase with audience targeting and better attribution research.

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