• OOH Reaches 90% of Travelers, Younger & Affluent Consumers

    With record miles being driven on US roadways, and the highest levels ever of airline passenger travel, there are more consumers in the OOH space than ever before. The latest Nielsen OOH Study, fielded this year, found OOH reaches 90 percent of US travelers ages 16+ in a month, and 80 percent of this audience in a week. And, OOH ad viewers are more likely to be both younger and have higher incomes than the general population.

    This report is the most in-depth analysis of how OOH impacts consumer behavior, analyzing 15 varieties of OOH media across the billboard, street furniture, transit and place-based categories.

    The Nielsen study found roadside billboards are the most noticed OOH format. Eighty-one percent (81%) of adults surveyed have noticed a billboard in the past month, while 55 percent have noticed a digital billboard. The study also found high levels of engagement with OOH in the past month, with 81 percent of adults noticing ad messages. Billboard advertising is the most engaging category; 85 percent who saw a billboard noticed the ad message.

    Additional report highlights include:

    ·       66% of smartphone users took some type of action on their device after seeing an OOH ad
    ·       More than 40% searched for a brand online after seeing an OOH ad
    ·       20% of those who saw a directional OOH ad immediately visited the advertised business
    ·       74% who visited a business after seeing a directional OOH ad made a purchase

    Adults ages 16 – 34 is the demographic most engaged with OOH advertising, and all 15 OOH formats measured over-index among households with incomes of $100K+.

    “OOH drives consumer action in the real world,” said Stephen Freitas, OAAA chief marketing officer. “Younger affluent consumers notice OOH the most, which is why the industry is seeing exceptional growth in sectors like technology and direct-to-consumer.”

    Index tables are incorporated into the report appendix to allow easy identification of OOH formats that generally offer the best targeting of key demographic groups. It’s important to remember the study is a national survey, so these indexes can vary significantly based on unique and special market conditions in individual DMAs and CBSAs.

    OAAA will host a member webinar reviewing the 2019 Nielsen OOH Ad Study on August 28 at 2pm ET with Nielsen VP Diane Williams. Register here.


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