• OAAG Supporting Law Enforcement

    connerThe Outdoor Advertising Association of Georgia has made the news recently with their efforts to show support for local law enforcement.  Insider had the opportunity to interview Conner Poe, OAAG President, about the program.

    Tell us a little about how the program got started?

    The Board of the OAAG is always looking for ways to use our medium to show our appreciation for those in our state who we partner with to make the state a safer place, i.e. GEMA, GBI, FBI and local law enforcement. This is something that our board has discussed doing for many years, normally our companies will do this kind of PSA on their own. The only difference here is that we are utilizing all OAAG members who own digital billboards rather just one company doing it, which gives the message a much larger reach. We should see more than 100 of these statewide over the next few weeks reaching to every corner of the state

    20160801_124424How many company’s have decided to participate in the program? 

    There are 40 companies participating.  The design was provided by Melody Roberts of Out of Home Creative. 

    How many boards are up at this point?  Is there a goal set by the association? 

    More than 100 as of today. There is no goal, just as many as we can get up in as many areas as we can reach.

    Is this done in partnership with local law enforcement?

    No, this was done 100% by the associations initiative

    Can you give us some information on the Georgia association?

    The OAAG is comprised of more than 60 Outdoor Advertising Operators and 25 vendor members. For more than 50 years, the Outdoor Advertising Association of Georgia (OAAG) has been working to represent the interests of the outdoor advertising industry before local governments, at the regulatory level, and in the Georgia Legislature. The Association is represented by a Board of Directors.

    Insider’s Take – Always great to see when outdoor companies and associations invest back into their communities.  We are sure that there are many other examples and if you let us know would we love to share them with our readers.

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