• OAAA Supplier Webinar: Lightking

    OAAA held a Supplier Update Webinar this week, featuring Lightking, with a theme of Turning Static Boards into LED Now.  Here are a few of Insider’s take aways from the Webinar led by Timur Colak, President of Lightking.

    Lightking sees two impediments to converting static structures to digital:

    • Permitting
    • Cost, including
      • Structure Upgrade Cost
      • LED Board Cost

    The modularity of the Lightking Air Series creates economies that reduces cost.

    The Airflow patented design makes it self cooling, which means no fans, reducing the needs for power supplies.

    Lightking signs are half the weight of traditional digital signs and a converted LightKing digital can actually weigh less than the static signage it replaces.

    Minimal changes to a structure in an LED conversion may mean greater ease of obtaining permits.

    The Lightking modular concept is best presented in the following video:



    Lightking also provided the following video to demonstrate the economic and wind stress advantages of their Lightking Air Series.



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