• Now, Where to put that Logo…

    Evan Schultz, Art Director, Adams Outdoor

    See, here’s the thing… the LOGO is the punchline to the advertising. It’s the brand. It’s the exclamation to the sentence. You can’t really advertise without it. And yet, in a lot of cases, it’s hard to integrate into the advertising when you have a lot of imagery in your ad.

    On a billboard, especially, it needs to be large enough to read. You could reverse it out of a black “violator” coming in from the side, or fade your images to white in the lower right corner and float the logo there. Nah, then it’s an afterthought, forced in. Instead, why not try to work it into the environment? Have it become part of the story.


    In this particular case, the story is a window company that not only sells windows, but installs them. The advertising is a billboard, so to simplify things, make the billboard a window. It has a frame just like a window after all. Next, tell more of the story. Part of the business is the installation, so show two guys doing just that. And, any quality, reputable business has uniforms, which is why you let them into your house. This is where the logo comes in, but naturally. The uniforms wouldn’t be uniforms without the company logo. The great thing here is that you get the logo TWICE in the advertising, but it doesn’t look redundant or odd, because in real-life that’s exactly what you’d see. Bonus.

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