• Notable Reads July 13, 2018

    3 out of home articles caught Insider’s eye this week.

    The Brookfield Zoo, the Two by Four Agency and Metromedia Technologies placed a 15′ by 15′ fully inflated greenbottle blue tarantuala on a billboard promoting the Brookfield Zoo.

    New Jersey 101.5 has a flattering story on billboards in Northern New Jersey: The Ad Business That May Never Die.   Lamar’s Chris Cockerill and OUTFRONT’s Jon Antal are quoted.

    Loan defaults are rising as we approach the 10th year of a borrower friendly credit cycle.  Insider expects credit standards and loan pricing to increase if defaults continue to grow.  Now is the time to lock in a great rate and flexible covenants on a multi-year out of home loan.

    Source:  Market Pros: US Leveraged Loan Default Rate to Remain Low, But Creep Higher, July 9, 2018

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