• Why the Next Wave of Digital Billboard Ads Will Be Automated

    EMarketer did a 17 minute interview with Lauren Fisher titled Why the Next Wave of Digital Billboard Ads Will Be Automated.  

    A couple snippets caught Insider’s attention.

    Why interest in automated ads now?

    The mobile piece is really key here…One thing that mobile and out of home have in common…is the heavy reliance on location data…a lot of the momentum…is being driven by the mobile DSP’s who realize that for some buyers who are coming from digital it’s not that different.

    On how digital billboards promote targeted advertising

    Now that we have these digital billboards we’re not just seeing the same image over and over when we’re riding to work…We have the potential within 5 seconds or 20 seconds or 30 seconds to see a new advertisement…From a buyers perspective that’s attractive, knowing that you can reach a particular audience in a particular location only at a particular time of day.  If you’re Dunkin Donuts you can reach commuters in the morning while they’re looking to get their coffee and not waste advertising dollars on those impressions in the middle of the night.

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