• New and Noted July 19, 2019

    • In The Other Side of Outdoor Advertising Crunchbase notes that startups like Brex and Eaze are using out of home advertising to get consumers attention: “The startups we talked to, including Brex, Eaze, and Snowflake, said that they think consumers are tired of Facebook and Instagram advertisements.  Especially because you can scroll past them.”  The article mentions automated digital billboard ad company Blip along with Boxi (truck billboards), Firefly (rideshare vehicle billboards) and Wrapify (ride-sharing vehicle wraps).


    • University of Wyoming’s Small Business Development Center says billboard advertising can be effective for small businesses in Wyoming Business Tips.  The writer noticed several billboards while on a road trip in South Dakota.


    • An Ocean Outdoor study says  full motion digital out of home outperforms static by 2.5 times.  Full motion isn’t permitted for roadside billboards.  Transit and airport billboards are another matter.  Insider bets that the smart minds at OUTFRONT Media are working on this for their New York and Boston liveboards.




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