• New and Noted January 10, 2018

    “Privacy matters. Customers matter. Tech giants need to realize that no matter how big the company is, it still has a responsibility to consumers to protect their information, even if that means protecting information from its own company.”  Privacy issues aren’t going away any time soon.  Apple Flaunts Privacy at CES – Why Other Companies Should Pay Attention. 

    Life in Brunswick County has business profile of Grey Outdoor’s Grey Vick.  Grey is up to 185 structures with 410 faces including 6 digital billboards.  Who knew that a masters degree in accounting was prep for an out of home career?

    An example of how billboards provide a vital public speech function: Berkshire Eagle reports that a parent bought space on a Lamar billboard in Great Barrington, MASS to try to get students to come forward about sexual assault at a Sheffield school.

    In Easton PA, Adams Outdoor is appealing their proposal for a 10X15 digital facing Easton Centre Square. Last July, the Easton city council rejected an LED variable-message billboard for that location, denying a certificate of appropriateness to permit the sign in the historic district. The denial is now the subject of litigation in federal and Northampton County courts. Adams is expected to give testimony on the proposal and public comment will be allowed before the board votes. The billboard would need approvals from the historic district commission and zoning hearing board.

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