• New and Noted – December 27, 2019

    Artpop founder Wendy Hickey with Artpop display at Charlotte Douglas international airport.

    Charlotte Observer has a nice article on Wendy Hickey’s Artpop.  Hickey has been nicknamed  the “fairy art mother.” Artpop puts local artists up on donated billboad space around the country.  Artpop has put 130 local artists up on 20 billboards, 32 slots at Charlotte International Airport, 10 uptown newstands and 4 shopping center digital faces in  Charlotte  over the past 6 years.   The Charlotte sign space is donated by Adams Outdoor Advertising and Awedience Media.

    Massachusetts state senator Diana DiZoglio has introduced a bill outlawing billboard advertising for  recreational and medical marijuana.  “The  goal of the Legislature was to insure that these billboads are not going to be placed in sommunities where childeren are going to be exposed to them, but we know that isn’t happening.”  DiZoglio cites a Weedmaps billboard ad that hung over a bus stop in Haverill with messaging that targeted youths.

    Insider’s take:  Think hard before you accept marijuana advertising.  Where is your sign and who’s going to see it.  Don’t put cannabis advertising in locations frequented by kids.  Remember the words of OAAA EVP-Government Affairs Ken Klein on how to approach cannabis ads:  “Excess is not your friend.”

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