• New and Noted December 21, 2018

    The New York Times did a nice feature this week called Digital Data Gives Billbaord Owners More Reason to Love a Good Traffic Jam.  It quotes Lamar’s John Miller, Clear Channel Outdoor’s Dan Levi, Outfront Media’s Jeremy Male and iHeart’s Robert Pittman on how they use data to target commuters stuck in more congested traffic.

    Congress is attempting to pass the first federal legislation governing autonomous cars.  A bill is out of committee but is stalled due to Senator Diane Feinstein’s safety concerns.  A trial lawyer group is objecting to the bill because it wants to protect the ability of people injured by autonomous cars to sue rather than accept arbitration.

    The OAAA’s Myron Laible is retiring after 33 years of service.  Great to see his name up in lights!

    Our last story will bring a smile to all of you who have every been frustrated by the actions of your town’s sign regulators.  Westford, Vermont turned down a couple requests by Ted Pelkey to build an 8,000 foot garage.  Pelkey took revenge by installing an illuminated, 16 foot tall, 700 pound middle finger sculpture on a monopole.  Although Vermont bans off-premise advertising signs, government officials say that there’s nothing they can do because the sign isn’t technically advertising a business and is a constitutionally protected expression of free speech.  You can read the story here and a legal analysis at Rocky Mountain Sign Blog.  Insider doesn’t recommend this as a way to settle sign disputes but it’s good for a laugh.

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