• Neil Bell on Refreshing an 11 Year Old Digital billboard

    Neil Bell, Owner, New South Outdoor

    Last week Insider asked for reader feedback on refurbishing 10 year old digital billboards.  New South Outdoor Owner Neil Bell shares his experience.

    Neil what digital billboards did you refurbish?
    I just replaced two 11-year-old Watchfire units with their “Reface” program. It was a great experience.  They swapped out the LED modules and replaced the controller. It did save a considerable amount of money as compared to a new unit. Watchfire sent their own people who came and swapped out the parts so there was no need for a crane or install crew – which was also a savings. Also, it is great that I didn’t have the headache of finding somewhere to scrap the old cabinet.
    How much did it cost?
    About two-thirds of the cost of buying a new digital billboard.
    Any other comments?
    In my experience, Watchfire has always done things right. I think it was smart of them to go to a standard module size a decade ago. Being able to replace only the modules and controller reduces the cost of ownership of their boards over the long haul. I’ve noticed that some other LED manufacturers have frequently changed things up over the years and this type of refacing probably won’t be possible with their older units. 

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