• Nancy Fletcher Q & A

    OAAA announced on February 4 that President and CEO Nancy Fletcher plans to step down at the end of 2019 after nearly three decades at the helm.  Insider asked Nancy to share her insights about lessons learned and what’s next.

    Nancy, with 28+ years at OAAA, what’s your top take away?

    The importance of industry unity. Unity builds strength; lack of unity saps strength. 

    What is the biggest challenge on the horizon?

    Continuing to find the common vision to ensure continued industry collaboration. With it, anything is possible.   

    What’s the biggest change in OOH?

    The prevalence of technology and data – added to the creative impact of OOH – is making the medium more powerful and relevant than ever before.

     How do you achieve longevity without going stale?

    Focus on the vision and the plan to achieve it. Embrace innovation and change, with help from exceptional outside experts to keep it fresh, while respecting industry history. 

    What advice do you have for trade association leaders?

    Most important of all, remember one word: results.

    Share your vision for tomorrow and how to get there. Realize it’s not about you (personally) or about the entity (the trade association) – it’s all about what’s best for the members and the industry.

    In the political arena, OOH is a small fish in a big pond.  How does our industry make its voice heard?

    Remember that constituents matter, a lot.

    Play the long game.

    Resist the temptation to side with one party and ignore the other. Long-term advocates know the political pendulum swings.

    Never forget that your word is everything. Credibility isn’t like baseball; you don’t get three strikes.

    What will you do next?

    I look forward to more free time with my amazing, delightful husband, Ron, who already has retired. We’re planning adventures with friends and grandchildren.

    After taking a breather, I anticipate corporate board service and also helping nonprofits that make a difference, including the Fletcher Family Foundation.

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