• Nancy Fletcher on Digital Billboard Regulation

    oaaa imageOAAA’s Nancy Fletcher has published a special report called “Top Regulatory Focus – Digital Billboard Permits.”  Some highlights from the report.

    • The number of digital billboards is up to 6,400, up from 6,100 at mid year 2015.
    • Lighting has become a focus of regulators.  The OAAA can help arrange a demonstration to show how lighting controls work.
    • More and more government agencies are using digital billboards to communicate message to the public.  Fletcher says the FBI has touted digital billboards as “force multipliers” to help police.
    • Hacking is an issue.  Fletcher mentions that a non-OAAA member had a digital sign hacked and says that OAAA is conducting research on the issue.

    Fletcher ends with a terrific quote from a Cleveland City Councilman: “Digital billboards are right in line with the whole cityscape.  They communicate that we are a city that embraces technology.  We actually have some of the newest state-of-the-art cutting edge advertising.”

    Indianapolis, are you listening?

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