• More on digital billboards and cellular antennas

    On Wednesday we posted John Barrett’s thoughts on whether cellular antennas can interfere with digital billboards and vice versa.  Joni Schmeichel of Daktronics tells Insider this:

    Daktronics digital billboards are designed with EMI in mind and tested in our own EMI chamber in Brookings, SD. Once a product design is completed and passes our in-house testing we send to an accredited third-party lab for further testing.

    Digital billboards may interfere with cellular antennas.  Although much more uncommon, it is also possible that a strong transmitting device could interfere with the proper operation of a digital device or display. Knowing this is a potential risk we work closely with our customers before, during and after installation to evaluate the potential site, perform an Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) analysis, and recommend best practices for each unique scenario.

    A number of our customers have digital billboards with cellular antennas on or near them, it comes down to having a partner that can help you understand and work through the risks.

    Learn more about FCC compliance, EMI and what you can do in our blog post:


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