• More China Tariffs

    Prepare for a price increase on your Chinese-imported LED’s and digital billboards.  This week the Trump administration proposed a new 10% tariff on  a 195 page list of chinese imports.     Here’s the tariff picture in three numbers.

    $426 billion.  Chinese imports to the US.

    $34 billion.  Chinese imports subject to a 25% tariff which was implemented July 6.  This includes unbundled LED’s which are the building block for digital billboards.  Some digital sign makers have avoided this tariff by bundling LED’s into a TV screen or other product which wasn’t on the 25% tariff list.

    $200 billion.  Chinese imports which the administration has proposed saddling with a 10% tariff.  The administration has asked for public comment.  These tariffs may go into effect in September.  Looks to Insider like the list will almost certainly include digital signs.  Look at page 192 of the new regulations:

    Insider’s take:  Chinese sourced LED’s have a 25% tariff.  Some digital sign manufacturers avoid the tariff by importing LED’s bundled into TV screens.  That’s about to change.  Looks like digital billboards imported from China as TV screens will face a 10% tariff in September.  If you are planning in buying a digital billboard ask your provider where they source their LED’s and components.  Inside wonders what this means for OUTFRONT which has been buying digital billboards directly from China.

    What have you heard on tariffs?  Let Insider know using the form below.

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