• Montana Transportation Commission Discusses Digital Signs and Transit Advertising

    Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 8.11.16 AMThe Montana Transportation Commission is in the midst of a rulemaking to overhaul the sign code.  The Commission discussed the proposed rules at length in its January 28, 2016 meeting (see pages 14-26 of meeting minutes).

    KRTV and KTVH report Lamar is not happy with a proposed digital sign rule which would require electonic billboards to be at least 500 feet from any intersection.  A majority of city blocks are 300 feet long so the rule would prohibit digital signs in most Montana cities.

    A second rule would require that transit shelters only have advertising on the inside to avoid distracting drivers.  Chandler Communications and the Bozeman Transit Agency have pointed out that most transit shelters are funded by advertising and restricting transit shelter advertising will increase the burden on Montana taxpayers.

    The commission will meet again in May to discuss rules.

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    Reagan Otr and YESCO - Billboard Insider


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