• MilkMoney runs Ahmaud Arbery & George Floyd campaigns.

    MilkMoney teamed up with Jay Z and Team Roc (the pilanthropic arm of Rocnation) to run out of home campaigns raising awareness around the Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd cases.  Insider talked with MilkMoney CEO/Founder Sam Keywanfar.

    Sam, talk about the Ahmaud Arbery campaign.

    The goal was to amplify the Ahmaud Arbery case in Georgia  The campaign focused on Georgia.  Hinesville, Brunswick, and Glynn County were the primary areas.  Atlanta and other metros were secondary areas.

    We ran 2 creatives – first creative ran 5/9-5/12 with messaging asking for a conviction. 5/13 – new creative went live stating Georgia needs a hate crime bill – ran for remainder of the campaign (through 6/12)
    What about the George Floyd campaign?
    We wanted concentration in the areas around downtown for the George Floyd case to ask attorney general to charge officers involved.  The campaign was focused on Minneapolis 3rd precinct, protest sites, Southwest and Calhoun-Isle neighborhoods of Minneapolis

    2 creatives, first asked attorney general to press charges against officers. 2nd creative restated “we can’t be complicit, convict the officers.  We also used a vinyl wrapped truck to engage with protesters, and target areas in the market that don’t have traditional OOH to complement the boards.

    Insider’s take:  Billboards are more than a megaphone for commercial speech.  They engage people in a dialogue on key issues.  Interesting to see how MilkMoney used mobile billboards to amplify and extend the message.

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