• Mike Norton on the Cincinnati Billboard Tax

    Mike Norton, EVP, Norton Outdoor

    In June 2018 the city of Cincinnati passed a 7% tax on billboard revenues.  Lamar and Norton Outdoor got the tax blocked in court.  The case is on appeal.  On Wednesday’s Billboard Insider podcast Insider asked Mike Norton what he learned from that experience:

    I would like to think that doing a good job at a grass roots level would lead to some success but in this case I don’t know that that would have prevented the billboard tax from coming up.  It was a budget thing and we appeared to be an easy mark…Reach immediately out to a good law firm…And reach out to the OAAA.  They have a load of expertise and a load of knowledge at their fingertips…I would hope that we will be successful in court and that it leads to the message being sent that governmental entities cannot just tax one form of expression…it’s not constitutional, it’s not right, it’s not legal…

    Insider’s take: Work the grass roots.  Get a good law firm.  Join the OAAA and use its experts.  Great advice.

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