Mike Hershey on Cannabis Ad Guidelines

OAAA Executive VP Mike Hershey gave a talk on cannabis and out of home at last week’s IBOUSA show.  Cannabis out of home advertising was $56 million in 2023, one of the fastest growing OOH ad categories.  40 states now have some form of legalized use.   Here are some cannabis advertising guidelines which Mike discussed:

OAAA is working with member companies and out of home state associations to promote responsible state advertising parameters.

Creative – Don’t show use.  We discourage ad copy showing product or consumption.

Minors – Be sensitive as to where you are running ads.  Avoid areas where most of the population is under legal age of consumption.

 Directional – Consider simple, location based ads.   A freeway exit and a place.

Limit Health Claims – Be careful of any product health claims that might trigger FDA or FTC scrutiny. The client bears compliance responsibility, but you don’t want a complaint over ad copy.

You can get a copy of Mike’s powerpoint by emailing mhershey@oaaa.org.


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