• Meadow Outdoor Builds a Digital in Ontario, Oregon

    Meadow Outdoor has constructed Ontario, Oregon’s first digital billboard.  The sign is on East Idaho Avenue.  One side is digital and the other is static.  The project took a year to permit and plan.

    Insider’s take: A one side static, one side digital billboard isn’t a bad thing.  In 2017 Insider asked Lamar’s Bill Ripp why digital billboards fail and Ripp said this:  “The number one reason we need to reposition digitals is a mistaken belief that if one digital face is good, two will be better. There’s a tendency to want to put two digital faces on every structure…  Yet not every location justifies two digital faces.  In a large market, left hand reads can be harder to sell.  For local sales, a digital sign performs better with traffic moving in the direction advertiser’s want.  For example, if advertiser’s prefer inbound traffic, outbound traffic will be a harder sell.”

    What are your thoughts about when it makes sense to build a two sided digital billboard?  Let Insider know using the form below.

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