• McKinney CEO Joe Maglio on OOH

    McKinney CEO, Joe Maglio, was interviewed this week by David Doty in Forbes magazine on Creativity and the Future of Agencies.  Here is an excerpt from the article with a comment from Maglio on the power of OOH.

    Doty: So, there is a lot of convergence in your creative work, digital utility coming together with experiential.

    Maglio: They’re intertwined. I think experiential changed digital and digital changed experiential. It’s even more than that—they’re blending. It’s hard to say today, “I just ‘experienced’ blank thing. It was on my phone.” Let’s say, it was AR, and I’m looking at this table and there’s a car driving across this table. Was that experiential? Was that digital? It kind of happened in my physical world, which is something that is the traditional definition of experiential, but it’s empowered and enabled by my phone. And someone had to code the AR to make it work. So, it’s all just blending.

    To use a very basic example, out-of-home, which I think is often an overlooked medium. There is static out-of-home, and now there’s digital out-of-home. Billboards have now been digitized, and there’s out-of-home that you actually interact with and experience. And so how do you label all of those things? It doesn’t really matter anymore because, for me, everything that we are asked to do for our clients is to create a brand experience. That’s the wide brush that I paint our world with, this idea of brand experience. That’s because today, with all the different ways that somebody can interact with and engage with a brand, only a very small to relatively small percentage of it is traditional advertising.

    All of that leaves you with an impression of a brand. And that impression can lead you to explore the brand, it can lead you to walk away from the brand forever, it can lead to fall in love with the brand. So, I don’t really worry too much about labels because, at the end of the day, whatever touch point someone is going to come in contact with that represents your brand, you’d better be on top of it.


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