• Mating Bears Invade Spokane…Briefly

    Spokane, WA based apparel company, The Great PNW, went viral with a short-lived but lively billboard campaign in this Insider’s home town.  On April 30th commuters were met on their drive downtown with this image of two bears on a Lamar posted sign.  It didn’t take long before Twitter was abuzz with the idea that the two bears were maybe a little too “friendly”. Joel Barbour, the Great PNW owner, told a local news station  they had made the billboard to look like two bears mating, and that they thought it was funny.

    Not everyone agreed with PNW and by the next morning the billboard had been replaced by a more generic version for PNW that Lamar had in their inventory.

    Fast forward one week and morning commuters were greeted, once again, by the the two bears but this time with one happy addition.  The addition of the bear cub was universally greeted with good humor and capped off a very short but successful billboard campaign.

    For those of you that are interested in owning a bit of history, the company immediately came out with T-shirts of the original billboard which I am sure they would be more than happy to sell you on line.



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