• Mark Boidman’s Times Square Everywhere

    Peter J Solomon investment banker Mark Boidman just published Times Square Everywhere: The Next Wave in the Fast-Changing Media-Landscape.  Boidman’s book is a 113 page thesis on why out of home thrives in the future.  Buy a copy and read it on your next flight.

    Insider’s favorite quote from the book:

    “Technology has been a friend of only one media channel: out of home.”

    Boidman says technology allows an out of home company to turn 1 ad into 8 via the installation of a digital billboard face.  Technology improves the ability of out of home companies to run relevant ads (coffee in the morning, a movie ad in the evenings) and attribute results (e.g. how many people pass a billboard and where they go next after seeing an ad).  Not so for radio, TV, newspapers and websites because technology has fragmented audiences and enabled people to skip or block ads.

    Boidman is bullish on the prospects of alternative out of home: point of care networks, placed-based screens, movie theaters, bars, gas stations, shopping malls.  Insider thinks that alternative out of home offers prospects for growth, especially in communities which restrict new billboards.  Alternative out of home is more risky than classic out of home, because of one of a kind business models which may be hard to fix if something goes wrong, shorter term leases and more volatile revenues.  There’s a last-in, first-out mentality to ad spending which makes alternative out of home risky during the next recession.

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