• Marijuana Billboard Ban in Washington- Legislative Hearing

    An Insider reader reached out to us about a proposed Washington State House Bill 1466, in the Commerce and Gaming committee of the State Legislature which is looking to ban the advertising of marijuana on billboards.  The bill is scheduled for a public hearing at 3:30PM Pacific time  this Tuesday 2/5/19.

    Currently Washington regulations do allow marijuana advertising for billboards including the following restrictions:

    Licensed retail outlets may use a billboard solely for the purpose of identifying the name of the business, the nature of the business, and providing the public with directional information to the licensed retail outlet.

    Billboards cannot contain depictions of plants or products (ex: leaf = plant, joint = product), or use movie or cartoon characters, or any other depiction that might be appealing to children.

    The State of Washington has been a leader in providing guidance to allow legal marijuana dealers the opportunity to advertise their businesses in a responsible manner.  Insider feels those regulations should be maintained and not changed.
    You can Click Here to get more information on the proposed bill and hearing information.

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