• Many small towns not Reed v Gilbert compliant.

    Insider is surprised how many small communities have sign codes which are not compliant with Reed V Gilbert.  The biggest offense is a sign code with multiple categories which requires a sign inspector to read a sign to decide what sort of rules apply.

    Insider knows of one Indiana town which has separate sign regs for:

    • Construction signs
    • Signs not exceeding one square foot
    • Legal notices
    • Memorial plaques
    • Sponsorship signs
    • Residential temporary signs
    • Construction signs
    • Real Estate signs
    • Temporary advertising/special event signs
    • Pennants and balloons
    • Political signs
    • Garage/Yard sale signs
    • Off-Premise Signs

    This is a Reed v Gilbert lawsuit waiting to happen.  Gilbert Arizona’s sign code got into trouble because it had 23 categories of signs so an inspector had to read a sign to decide what sort of regs applied.  GEFT has a lawsuit pending against Westfield Indiana for a similarly complicated sign code.

    There’s a case to be made for proactively approaching your community to help them get their code right.  Otherwise they may pass a code with unintended consequences.   One Indiana community passed a Reed v Gilbert sign code fix which required the city to issue a permit for any sign – on premise, off-premise, real estate signs, temporary signs, yard sale sign, political signs and church service signs…  You can imagine the mess this has created for the city’s planning department.



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