• Making 2018 a successful sales year.

    By Andrea Messimer-Henley, Director of Business Development, Circle Graphics.

    Whether you are part of a sales organization, business or individual, it’s that time of year that we are celebrating, winding down, while reflecting on our efforts and hard work.  Or you could potentially be starting a new role, with a new company, or new position within your existing organization.

    As we prepare for what’s ahead in the upcoming year.   I wanted to share some of my ideas for success as we enter 2018…

    I have always held myself accountable first and foremost.  When I do my part it benefit’s everyone, clients, customer, company as well as myself plus family.

    Similar to executing a regular exercise regiment, I have fine-tuned a plan every year. I visualize it, execute and stay disciplined.   It’s not always dialed in at first, but I have a starting point and I make adjustments as needed.

    Here are some of the method’s I use that have been successful for me.

    1. Never become complacent or assume your accounts are going to renew. Always assume they will not renew.  Stay ahead by contacting them in advance, take them to lunch or set up an appointment to see them. Make sure you are proactively working at all times to fill the pipeline.  You will have a huge cushion or surplus either way. It’s all upside.
    2. Communication is crucial. Do not assume your client’s strategy for 2017 is the same for 2018 and so forth.  The low hanging fruit of a renewal or quick sale might be appealing. However that does not provide value or growth opportunities, or allow you to position yourself as a resource, please take time to dive deeper to find out their needs, concerns and overall plan.  Be helpful. Always provide fresh new ideas.  Think about it, how can anyone buy something they don’t know about?
    3. Provide research to your clients about new information in regards to their customer’s, their industry, competitor’s, and advertising industry trends. There are so many resources at your finger tips, do your homework, and show that you care about building their business and your relationship long term.
    4. Always follow-up.  In addition try something different and creative. Host a networking happy hour, with food and drinks, once a quarter, or once a month.  People love getting out of the office occasionally and small social events are something they can look forward to.
    5. My goal every year is to deliver and achieve my individual annual budget no later then the end of October, not December 31. ( I don’t like the stress of playing catch up) It doesn’t mean you have to stop. It just means you don’t have to stress.  J
    6. Ask for referral’s- this is a big one, I tend to forget… This will be on the top of my list this year…
    7. NEVER stop learning or evolving, keep developing your craft… Stay ahead, educated and informed. You will always be valuable if you do.
    8. Be proactive not reactive. It makes life and work much easier.
    9. Enjoy and celebrate little or big wins, otherwise what’s the point?
    10. If you aren’t getting up everyday feeling happy or passionate. I have learned this past year that life is too short… Make sure to always LOVE what you are doing.


    These are a few of my strategies what are some of yours?   I’d love to learn more and hear about them.  andreamessimer@gmail.com

    Have a wonderful Holiday Season!


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