• Magna says OOH is only form of traditional media to grow.

    Magna has released its Spring 2018 Advertising Forecast.  Global ad spending is projected to increase 6% in 2018 but most of the new spending will go to online digital and mobile advertising.  Magna says out of home is the only form of traditional media to grow in 2018.

    Magna On US Out of Home:

    “OOH is the only traditional media channel likely to post net revenue growth this year (+21.9 to $8 billion), thanks to further organic growth in digital/ambient OOH inventory. One example is the launch of a multi-year development plan by Outfront Media and the New York Metropolitan Transit Authorities (MTA), aimed at installing 50,000 digital screens in the subway and bus systems, starting in 2018.”

    Magna On Global Out of Home:

    “The only “traditional” media category to show moderate growth in 2018 will be Out-Of-Home. Global NAR is forecast to grow by +3.4% to $33.5 billion. OOH does benefit from cyclical events but the main driver remains the roll out of digital OOH inventory. DOOH NAR will grow by +16% this year to reach $5.7 billion as new airports, malls and transport system become available for media buying this year. For instance the “old” DOOH system in the London underground is about to be upgraded and expanded, and thousands of screens are to be rolled out in the New York Subway.”

    You can watch a 90 second overview of the forecast here.

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