• Lighting retrofit generates 37% return on investment

    12 by 40 billboard after lighting retrofit

    Want to generate a 37% return on investment, risk-free?  Replace your old HID billboard lights with high efficiency LED lights.  Insider achieved a 37% return on investment by replacing 6 old HID lights on this Clear Lake, Iowa billboard with new high efficiency Holophane LED lights from Reliable Electric.  Look at the numbers.


    • The two-sided 12 by 40 billboard was built in 2007 and had 6 old HID lights.  Daily kilowatt hour usage was 27.42.
    • Sign-Vue II LED

      Insider ordered 6 high efficiency Holophane Sign Vue 2 LED lights from Brian Kline at Reliable Electric at $400/each for a total cost of $2,400.  You can find info on the lights at this link.  The lights reduced the load from 458 watts per fixture to 108 watts while achieving beetter uniformity.  The Sign Vue 2 LED lights produce an industry leading 120 lumens per watt.

    • Kline shipped the lights to Insider’s electrician in Clear Lake, Iowa.  The electrician’s installation bill was $1,071, including labor and rental of a lift truck.
    • The new lights cut the billboard’s power consumption by 75% from 27.42 kilowatt hours per day to 6.83 kilowatt hours per day.
    • Insider’s monthly electric bill dropped by 65% for a savings of $114/month.
    • This return is risk-free.  It’s a permanent cost reduction regardless of what the economy does.  How many investments can you make which generate a 37% risk free return?  Insider might have gotten an even higher return had he chosen to reduce the lights form 6 to 4.  Holophane offers not just an easy fixture replacement but the option to reduce the number of lights per face.
    • Insider computed the return before energy rebates because rebates vary greatly depending on the local power company.  Brian Kline helped Insider identify an Iowa/Alliant Energy rebate program of $175 per fixture or $1,050 which increases the project’s return on investment to 51%.
    • Insider based returns on hard costs.  There are additional benefits from lower lifetime maintenance costs and better illumination.

    Contact Brian Kline of Reliable Electric (bkline@reliable-electric.com, 866-250-6445) to learn how you can save money by retrofitting your old billboard lights with high efficiency LED’s.


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