• Leslie Morris on Digital billboard designs

    Leslie Morris of Sky Dragon Designs manages digital billboards for small out of home advertising companies.  Insider talked with Morris about digital billboard ad design.

    How did you get involved with the out of home business?

    Marty Williamson, my mentor in OOH. He taught me everything I know in Outdoor. I started working with him in 2007 when he owned Georgia Outdoor Advertising with Greg Phillips. We only had static and Tri-Vision boards to design for at the time.  I followed Marty to American Outdoor Advertising where I got involved in Digital Billboard management and designs. I called and bugged Britt McConnel, Joel Hurst and Meredith Busching at Formetco and picked their brain about everything that I could do with the digitals for our customers. They were so nice to help me as I was very willing to learn, before I knew it I was designing boards that could show feeds for Football Games, Olympics, Golf, any sports that would accommodate a feed. I had previously been in the print business newspaper and magazine, but OOH is I think the best media there is.

    What kinds of services do you provide to the owners of digital billboards?

    We manage digital billboards for companies. We take care of the daily task of uploading, scheduling and watching your digital displays so you can focus on sales and growing your company.

    We charge a set rate that includes unlimited uploads, schedule changes which includes daily checks of your digital to make sure displays are performing as they should.

    Skydragon evacuation creative for Hurricane Michael which was shown on the Weather Channel

    What are the most common mistakes you see clients make when suggesting a billboard design?

    The most common mistake is that people want to fit everything on a billboard, they feel that the more they can fit they are getting their money’s worth which isn’t true at all. We as a consumer in a car can only grasp 7 secs on info. If I can get the message across what you do and who you are that is all we need to have on there. Most people now will google the company name and get the address and phone number even the website, this really doesn’t need to be on the board. This I learned in my years at Fairway Outdoor Adverting working with Scott Greene.

    How are digital billboard designs different from static billboard designs?

    I love working on digital billboard designs, they are my favorite. A static board is nice to get the general idea but add a digital design added to your marketing arsenal and you can do countdowns, feeds, in some cases where DOT allows animation. This can also cure the customer need to put everything on a board with multiple ads in a rotation. One thing a Static board can do that digital can’t is have a huge impact with extensions. They can really grab attention by adding a simply inexpensive extension such as extend a roof off the board a few feet for a roofing company ad.

    You can contact Leslie at leslie@skydragondesigns.com, 706-207-1730.

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