• LED Billboards Can Be Thoughtful Neighbors

    Eric Johnson, Applications Engineer, Daktronics

    In September Insider heard Eric Johnson speak at the IBOUSA show on LED light emissions.  Insider asked Johnson to talk about the role lighting analysis plays in digital billboard design and siting. 

    By Eric Johnson, Applications Engineer, Daktronics, Eric.Johnson@daktronics.com

    Digital billboards are often a source of scrutiny, especially when they are near housing developments or apartment buildings. Media owners who want to be good neighbors need to be ready to alleviate concerns by educating city councils, regulatory committees and residents about LED displays.

    Daktronics offers site-specific light emissions analyses to alleviate concerns in situations where illumination is a potential concern. A lighting analysis measures the foot-candles – the amount of light striking a given surface, such as the human eye – to determine the brightness of the billboard both horizontally and vertically. Daktronics offers it as a complimentary service with a billboard purchase.

    Glen Wiebe, Applications Engineer, Daktronics

    “It isn’t necessary at every location, but when it’s needed, we look at the size of the billboard, the elevation, surrounding buildings and even the rise and fall of the ground,” says Daktronics applications engineer Glen Wiebe. “Just about every time, concerns are alleviated because of the LEDs we use. We don’t have to sacrifice image quality by modifying the display or blocking light. It’s more important to use components from the start that allow digital billboards to be neighbor friendly.”

    Daktronics LED billboards produce directional illumination, producing light out and downward, limiting light toward unintended areas like adjacent neighborhoods.

    “Most people in residential areas don’t know that billboards also dim, so physically blocking the light is unnecessary,” says Eric Johnson, Daktronics applications engineer. “The LEDs adjust to the changing brightness automatically.”

    He continues, “That dimming process, along with the very intentional placement of digital LED billboards, make our success rate extremely good. We can usually help OOH companies put neighbors’ minds at ease even before the billboard is installed.”

    Johnson emphasizes that Daktronics goes above and beyond manufacturing digital displays.

    “When it comes to LED billboards, we are known as the industry experts,” he explains. “We’ve helped rewrite code for cities and states, we have legislation professionals on staff, and we provide various levels of support for billboard companies who need to address concerns. Helping our customers maintain good relationships with their neighbors is just part of the way we do business.”

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