• Lamar wants new board in Chandler AZ

    Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 11.15.01 AMLamar has requested a zoning change to put up a digital sign along Loop 202 in Chanler AZ according to AZ Central.  It would be the first new sign in 32 years.  Lamar would like to put a 70 foot two sided digital billboad on the north side of Loop 202 in a retention basin adjacent to the Frye Road Business Park at 56th street.  City officials say the request may prompt them to consider revising the existing billboard rules.  Lamar contends that Tempe and Phoenix allow billboards along freeways where industrial activity takes place so Chandler should too.

    One of the city commissioners at the hearing was against the proposal saying “It’s just miscellaneous advertising.  It’s just pollution.”

    Insider’s take.   A digital sign is not pollution.  The advertising supports local businesses.  The sign generates rent income for a landowner.  The digital sign can run public service ads and emergency alerts.  Police call digital signs a force multiplier.



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