• Lamar Sues Columbus Grove, OH

    Lamar sued Columbus Grove, OH after the Village Council voted against allowing it to put two billboards in the village.  The company wanted to put billboards on State Route 65.  It obtained leases from the landlord CSX Transportiation and state permits.  The Planning commissioner approved the applications but the council voted them down.  Lamar is suing because the town did not give a legitimate reason for voting them down.  Lamar alleges the Village Council turned down the boards because “it did not want billbords in the village.”

    Insider’s take:  We don’t think its fair for a town to turn down billboards which are in compliance with the sign code and have the planning director’s approval.   That’s what a sign code is for.  To provide predictable, written guidance.  If the town doesn’t want billboards they should change the code to say as much.

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