• Lamar, Starbucks and Longview Texas.

    Three sided Lamar static billboard at 707 W Marshall Ave in Longview Texas.

    Insider isn’t the only person who thinks that Longview Texas ought to show flexibility to convince Lamar to take down a billboard with a valid permit and lease so a Starbucks store can take its place.   Here’s an excerpt from a Longview News Journal editorial:

    “Simply put, Longview should not let its sign ordinance stop a new development from taking place at the corner. That was never its purpose. That means some sort of negotiation with Lamar Advertising, because Starbucks isn’t going to consider a deal while that matter remains unresolved.

    The fact Lamar is open to negotiation is a good sign. We know that some on the Longview City Council — or perhaps all — are opposed to any growth of such signs, but we would guess they support growing Longview and pleasing residents.

    Ultimately, this decision should not be about what any individual council member wants but what is best for Longview. Turning away an opportunity and leaving a deteriorating building on a busy corner is not the best answer.”


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