• Louisiana House Billboard Bill Defeated

    This Baton Rouge newspaper headline says it all:

    House Concurrent Resolution 4, a draconian proposal to limit billboards in Louisiana, was defeated in a Louisiana State House committee by a vote of 14-3.  House resolution 4 had provisions to:

    • Limit the number of Louisiana billboards to 7,000
    • Prohibit the conversion of static billboards to digital.
    • Increase licensing fees from $25/year to $500/year per face.
    • Increase the setback between billboards from 1,000 feet to 2,000 feet
    • Make non-conforming any billboard which advertises a business more than three miles away.

    Lamar effectively countered the bill with a website, a campaign by employees on social media and a letter from CEO Sean Reilly to Louisiana legislature  personal appearance by Reilly in front of the house committee.  Reilly’s 8 years of service in the House certainly didn’t hurt Lamar’s cause.

    Insider will be watching to see what happens to Senate bill 211, the counterpart to House Concurrent Resolution 4.

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