• Lafe Schneider on the Benefits of Blip

    Lafe Schneider, General Manager, TDO Advertising

    Toledo, Ohio based TDO Advertising uses Blip Billboards to manage 14 digital billboards.  TDO Outdoor’s General Manager Lafe Schneider shares his experience using Blip:

    Using Blip has increased our revenue.  Blip brings in a new class of advertisers. Current advertisers may look into Blip but will quickly find out it’s much more than what they are currently paying. The good thing about Blip is that they do bring in a new pool of advertisers that are short term, but will quickly realize if they want anything long term they can go direct at a lower rate.  

    I have seen anything from low as $10 an hour to $260 a day from advertisers utilizing Blip. As I stated above its ALL short term as the most you can buy is a day. 

    The software that I use now is powered through Blip at NO cost. The software company I was using previously was $3,000 per month. I’m now saving over $36,000 a year. 

    Insider’s take: Automated sales platforms are making big strides.  What’s been your experience using Blip or another automated sales platform?  Let Insider know using the form below.

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