• John Miller: “There will always be a place for 1 to many”

    John Miller, Lamar’s SVP of Sales did a 7 minute interview on the out of home industry at the DPAA Video Everywhere summit a couple weeks ago.

    On how digital signs are transformative

    I’ve seen a lot of innovation.  But sometimes innovation is confused with novelty…What has been true innovation.  Large format digital has had the greatest impact on our industry since we put lights on billboards…Real time advertising based on the audience which is passing our boards.  That’s transformational.

    We have 175,000 billboard faces across the country.  2% of those are digital.  They generate 21% of our revenue.

    What to say to advertisers who say billboards are a relic of the past

    The term today is 1 to 1.  My phone is 1 to 1.  There will always be a place for 1 to many.  There’s something to be said for tonnage and we deliver tonnage…In most every other media there’s a political bent…there’s none in out of home…And then with the data we have from Geopath we can drill down on the demographics.

    On attributing success to out of home.

    With large format digital out of home we have great data.  The people that are passing the boards.  What people do after they pass the board.  We know your demographic passed a board and then you shopped at home depot.

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