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    If you want to keep up with Billboard Design Trends you need to follow the Daily Billboard Blog.  Jason Morgan, a transplanted Brit with 10 years of marketing experience in the magazine publishing industry, uses the blog to keep track of interesting billboards in LA.  Morgan is also a professional photographer.  Insider talked with Morgan last week.

    Jason tell us about the Daily Billboard Blog

    The Daily Billboard Blog started in January 2010 and was born out of my other blog Jason in Hollywood which started in March 2008 and still features monthly billboards roundups around L.A.  My audience is comprised of people in the OOH industry, plus graphic designers, illustrators, creative agencies (around America and the world) and lots of fans at the Hollywood TV and film studios.

    What’s your favorite recent billboard campaign?

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    The fun, locally-tailored billboards and bus stop ads for 20th Century Fox’s new teen coming-out romantic comedy, Love, Simon.

    From coast to coast, this text-only “Dear (insert location here)” campaign stood out with its bold design simplicity, customization to its surroundings and not shying away from the film’s queerness. this written letter format also fits really well with the theme of the movie where a gay high schooler communicates online with another closeted student. It’s certainly more exciting than using a couple of headshots to attract attention on the street, especially when the film doesn’t have any real named star power.

    Property of Daily Billboard Blog


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