• Jason Morgan’s 3 of a Kind: Hollywood Sign

    By Jason Morgan, The Daily Billboard Blog

    This month for Daily Billboard’s ‘Three of a Kind’ I thought I’d share three different treatments using L.A. infamous landmark, The Hollywood Sign.

    The iconic, internationally recognized sign was created in 1932 as an advertisement for a local real estate development and originally spelled out ‘Hollywoodland’ in giant letters. Intended only to be used for a short few months it became a symbol of the burgeoning film industry and was renovated in 1949 becoming the shortened ‘Hollywood’, and has been inspiring tourists and advertisers ever since.

    The first billboard using the iconic sign to get its message across is from this year, to be seen in multiple locations around the city, with the 44-foot tall letters spelling out ‘HOMELESS’ to draw attention to L.A.’s ever-growing homeless crisis with almost 59,000 people without a roof over their head on a nightly basis, a shameful national embarrassment and humanitarian disgrace when L.A. is home to some of the wealthiest citizens in the world.

    Photo courtesy of The Daily Billboard Blog.

    The second example is from January 2013 when the Tommy Hilfiger fashion brand co-opted the Hollywood Sign to draw attention to its new flagship store arriving along Robertson Blvd (now closed). The locally-tailored campaign featured a teaser billboard with just the reimagined ‘HILFIGERS’ lettering in the sign’s font, with the follow-up billboard arriving a few weeks after complete with models clad in the designer’s clothes and topped with special extension cut-outs to help the ad stand out even more along the Sunset Strip.

    Photo courtesy of The Daily Billboard Blog

    Photo courtesy of The Daily Billboard Blog

    The third fun ‘PILLYWOOD’ example is from November 2015 when Beats Pills speakers put their own spin on the iconic sign to attract attention in the festive gift-giving season above Sunset Boulevard.

    Photo courtesy of The Daily Billboard Blog

    As you can see, these are just three examples of how brands, products and causes have utilized the Hollywood Sign in their outdoor advertising over the years.

    Come back next month for three very different takes on New York’s Statue of Liberty and be sure to visit Daily Billboard Blog every day for all the latest interesting eye-catching billboards in the skies of Hollywoodland.

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