• JAJA Tequila uses out of home to create buzz

    The team behind JAJA Tequila is anything but traditional. Rather than matching the behemoth marketing dollars of their competitors and blowing their entire year’s budget on a single billboard in Soho, they opted instead for a guerilla outdoor and social strategy to create buzz around the up-and-coming brand.

    By poking fun of their own legal dramas and big, flashy competitors, JAJA showcased their feisty personality through smaller-scale, grassroots placements to build real groundswell and engagement. Enter Pattern (formerly Gin Lane, responsible for creative concepts), MilkMoney (outdoor media planning and buying experts), and FuckJerry (social media mavens). The latest campaign features a mix of witty outdoor bulletins, junior posters, and wild posters throughout New York and Los Angeles (placed by MilkMoney). Their “Shot on jPhone” creative parodies Apple’s “Shot on iPhone” work, while self-deprecating billboards call out their own unpolished creative and disregard for legal approval (check out the candid internal feedback posted all over the work).

    The company amplified the OOH campaign by posting images of the posters in situ to their social media pages, garnering the work an additional 2.9 million views. The campaign also made use of social media by including a CTA for consumers to capture shots of the work and post to their socials for a chance to win a free trip to Mexico.

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