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    Several readers have received emails asking them to run PSA ads for the IRS.  The readers asked Insider if the campaign is legit.  Insider contacted an IRS representative for more information.

    Is the IRS running a COVID Tax Relief PSA Campaign?

    Thank-you so much for reaching out and expressing an interest in writing an article. Yes. The IRS is running a COVID-19 Tax Relief Outreach campaign to get the word out on key previsions enacted last month relating to the Families First Coronavirus Response (FFCR) and Coronavirus Aid, Relief, Economic Security (CARES) Acts. Currently, the five campaigns include:

    As you know this pandemic is a health and economic crisis that has impacted individuals and businesses. It is for this reason; IRS employees have been working expeditiously to implement the above tax-related provisions to help the millions of Americans struggling during these challenging times to get their Economic Income Payments (EIP). Last week, the IRS directly deposited over eighty million EIPs based on 2018, or 2019 tax filers. However, since many taxpayers do not have a filing requirement because their income is low, or for those who filed, but did not opt for direct the deposit, the IRS developed two new online tools for these groups to allow them to easily check the status of their payments, and if necessary update account information to elect the security of direct deposit to avoid having a paper check lost or stolen in the mail.  Sadly, the IRS has seen a surge of COVID-19 tax scams even before the CARES Act was enacted causing a need to advise all to remain vigilant to avoid becoming a victim.

    As much as the IRS wants to help get our Nation back on its feet to ease the pain of those who are in financial distress, we know this is not something that we can accomplish on our own due to limited resources. Fortunately, the Tax Outreach, Partnership and Education (TOPE) Branch, which is the function that I work in was formed in late 2017 for the purpose of developing relationships with Civic Leaders and Executives affiliated with National Associations, Financial/Educational Institutions and Businesses willing to share the latest tax-information in real-time with their employees, member and customers utilizing their own traditional communication channels. These vital partners serve as a critical link in helping the IRS  keep American taxpayers informed, which is why when the pandemic struck a call for action went into e-Posters and PSAs all stored in a centralized location at dedicated page at www.irs.gov/coroavirus, which is updated with the latest relief information to help get the word out.  In addition, the IRS has also updated the Outreach Connection partner page with additional content.

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