• Intersection Smart Kiosk Dispute in Philly

    Intersection Smart Kiosk in Philadelphia

    Intersection wants to install up to 100 smart screen kiosks around Philadelphia.  Philly.com reports that PennDOT has sent a letter to Philadelphia’s mayor and city council president suggesting that the kiosks may be considered advertising subject to PennDOT regulation.  PennDOT is concerned that it may lose federal transportation funding if it doesn’t effectively police the kiosks.  Philadelphia stands to make $18 million in lease payments from Intersection if the kiosks are taken down.

    Insider’s take: This looks to Insider like regulatory overreach.  Look at the ad on the kiosk above.  Who’s being targeted?  Drivers or pedestrians? Expect to see a similar conflicts in New Jersey where Intersection is installing smart kiosks.  The NJDOT considers the kiosks a traffic hazard.

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