Insider’s Guide to Leases, Easements and Real Estate

Billboard Insider’s Guide to Leases, Easements and Real Estate  is an important resource for anyone in the Out of Home industry.

The 130 page Guide tells you:

  • How to use an out of home attorney effectively
  • 21 things in a good out of home lease
  • 11 things in a good out of home easement
  • Lessons from  28 legal cases and Billboard Insider articles on out of home leases and easements
  • When your out of home company should purchase real estate and how your should structure a real estate purchase.

The Guide also contains

  • a boilerplate out of home lease
  • a boilerplate out of home easement
  • a list of attorneys specializing in out of home lease and easement law.

The Guide costs $79.95 and is available in pdf and ebook formats.  You can purchase and download your copies of the Guide  here.  If you need help purchasing your copy of the Guide contact

Comments from readers:

I received the book yesterday! It’s a work of art! Thank you!

Keep up the AWESOME work … Thanks for your service to the industry.

I sure wish this book had been around when I started in the business. I would have saved so much time and money avoiding many of the pitfalls of billboard leasing.

Paperbacks are sold out!

Thanks to all of you who purchased a paperback in December.

If there is anyone else who is interested in a paperback versus an eBook, let us know and we will start another list towards another printing run.



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